Tuesday, February 21, 2017

McDonald's as a treat for avoiding McDonald's

Walking home from the subway I decided I would have McDonald's for dinner, rather than trying to make myself something out of the dubious ingredients I had in my house. Then I remembered I had leftover Chinese sesame noodles and decided in favor of that meal I'd already paid for, instead of my original idea.

I left myself extra time for a late lunch on my way to a QUO concert, and my brain was trained on a McDonald's I would inevitably have to walk past. But walk past it I did as I envisioned the forthcoming hour of my life spent inside a fast food restaurant. I chose to spend the hour in Citizens of Chelsea where I had avocado toast and coffee, costing more than twice a McD's value meal but in the charming company of hipsters.

Having carried over my McDonald's craving for two meal opportunities now, I settled on McDonald's as my Penn Station treat before a trip into New Jersey. But when I got there, I realized I had an hour to kill and all the meal options in the world. I decided to give it a walk around the block before resorting to McDonald's, and I ended up at the Bread Factory Cafe where I had enough pesto pasta to feed an army.

On day four of my McDonald's craving (I took Friday off, apparently) I decided I'd have either Burger King or McDonald's on my way to Bush Terminal Park, but then I remembered I wanted to check out Industry City where there is food to be had. I had a crepe-wrapped sandwich called a "jianbing" and a Vietnamese iced coffee.

Today was the breaking point. I decided I would get a deli sandwich, but if the line at the deli was long, I'd sally forth to McDonald's. The deli was closed for renovations.