Thursday, January 22, 2015

Please and Thank You (a premature book review)

I am reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please, and I am almost done, but I find I can't wait until I finish to write down a few thoughts. I'll make this post the staging area for what will eventually become my book review on Goodreads.

First of all, I really love Amy Poehler's writing. I'm not laughing out loud as much as I thought I would, but it's a memoir so that's okay. She's not just relating the story of her growing up, getting into improve, achieving success, etc. She's telling the tale but also drawing you in.

I like that she grew up in a town next to a much more affluent town, "the Eagleton to our Pawnee" as she puts it. I smiled when I read that.  I especially like that Rachel Dratch grew up in that Eagletonian town and they have a playful rivalry about it to this day.

Finally, I super, super love the "let's build a park" chapter (which I'm reading now) in which she talks about the genesis of Parks and Recreation. Annotations from Parks & Rec head writer Michael Schur are in the margins, and they are both hilarious and sweet.

"I am the common denominator in two failed Judd Apatow projects. Judd Apatow with me: zero dollars. Judd Apatow without me: two hundred trillion dollars."

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