Monday, February 17, 2014

Deep Space to the Nines

Let's pretend this isn't the first post in a new blog, and I've been posting here for years.

Reading Fashion It So from beginning to end whetted my appetite for Star Trek: TNG, but not so much that I wanted to actually watch the show.  It did, however, spark an interest in watching Deep Space Nine from the beginning, which in my experience is the least-liked series in the Star Trek canon.  A college roommate once criticized, "The ship doesn't move!"  All other opinions on it have boiled down to: meh.  I enjoyed what little I've seen of it, though, so I'm going to give it a watch, and blog about it here.

Oh, and though I imply in the title of this post that I'll be covering fashion like Charlie and Anna do in Fashion It So, I really won't be.  I defer to the experts on that one, and I do hope they'll take on DS9 when they finish TNG.

I've already binge-watched the first season, which I acknowledge is 20 hours that could have been better spent.  I won't lie though; I enjoyed myself.  In the future I'll try to cover smaller amounts per post, but for now let's get this out of the way.


  • Bars of Gold-Pressed Latinum: I am so sick of hearing this term.  Even if the writers thought this would be a feasible currency 400 years in the future, I can't believe they wouldn't have abbreviated it to "Bars" or "Latinum" or something by now.  It's such a mouthful, especially when someone has to act their way through it.  "I'll give it to you for SEVEN no EIGHT BARS of GOLD-pressed LATINUM."  If I were an actor on the show, this would definitely drive me bonkers.  God bless Armin Shimerman.
  • Speaking of bonkers, the first episode was a two-hour acid trip.
  • And speaking of acting, Dr. Bashir, Jesus Christ.  I have no business critiquing acting, so Jesus Christ is all I'll say.  Watching this from the beginning fills in some details on Bashir's character that I missed, such as he's a lothario and, if it's not redundant to say so, a douchebag.
  • Apparently they could only get Rosalind Chao for a few episodes, so a lot of the cold opens feature the "Where's Keiko?" game.  Keiko's down on Bajor.  Keiko went home to Earth for her grandmother's birthday.  I love Keiko, but they don't really have to justify it every time she's not in an episode.
  • Common theme: Something medical and strange is happening to everyone on the ship!
I could go on, but there's more internet for you to read.  

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