Thursday, February 20, 2014

Klutz Plague

I recently watched the second season episode "Rivals," in which a gaming device shifts probability all over the station (remnants of Hitchhiker's Guide) and causes some people to have incredible luck and other people to make a lot of silly mistakes.  This episode falls into the "something medical and strange is happening to everyone on the ship" category, minus the medical part (and also minus the "ship" part, I keep forgetting we're on a space station).  Also, this paragraph could be considered a spoiler if the cause of the station's woes weren't obvious from the moment the device was introduced.  I would have been pleased if, instead, they received word from StarFleet Command that Mercury was in retrograde.

I'd forgotten about this episode until just now when I tried to take a piece of candy out of a jar and sent it skittering across the floor (after which, of course, I blew on it and ate it), and then tried to put the lid back on and watched it clank and woogity woogity on my desk before falling off the edge.  Fortunately for me, I know the reason for my klutziness is indeed the cosmos and not a silly blinking spherical toy.

Before I forget, I want to register my satisfaction that two cast members from The Princess Bride have made appearances on DS9.  Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdinck) appears in the above-described episode as the Harold Hill-like character who popularizes the gaming device and hence spreads the klutz plague.  In a truly inspired casting choice, Wallace Shawn (Vizzini) guest stars as the recurring character Grand Nagus Zek.  You'd never recognize him under all that Ferengi makeup, but once he opens his mouth you just want to hear him scream, "Inconceivable!"

Please note tiny Ferengi head cane-topper

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