Friday, April 4, 2014

Bashir's Brain

I was never in the habit of watching Deep Space Nine when it was airing for the first time, but all of the episodes I caught here and there were from the later seasons.  I just watched "Heart of Stone" in which Kira is trapped in a rock fissure on a moon and Odo must figure out a way to save her.  Since I started rewatching the series, this is the first episode I remember watching previously.  There is also a scene in the following episode, "Destiny," that I recall.

In other milestones, I've also watched the most boring episode of DS9 to date: "Distant Voices." This episode takes place entirely inside Bashir's brain, so there you go.

Some quotes from recent episodes that I enjoyed:

Odo: Well that's an interesting way of scrambling a signal.
Garak: Yes, I thought you might appreciate it on an aesthetic level.

Wormhole Alien (in the form of Kira): Linguistic communication is ... exhausting.

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