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Shows 2016

Last year I managed to hold on to 16 Playbills from shows I saw (and also a BAMbill and a booklet from a concert at the Miller Theater), but my Gmail inbox (and to a small extent my memory) helped me put together the below list of 25 live performances I saw this year. Also using my memory, but mainly the back of the LGBAC marching band shirt and the QUO season packet, I've added up 21 of my own performances in 2016, which means I gave back to the world almost as much as I took in.

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  • January: Spring Awakening (Broadway, Deaf West), with mom
  • January: Fiddler on the Roof (Broadway), with Marissa
  • February: Noises Off (Broadway, Roundabout), with Stella. The beginning of the end of my Hiptix eligibility
  • March: She Loves Me (Broadway, Roundabout), with Kate
  • March: The Robber Bridegroom (Broadway, Roundabout), with Mike
  • March: 1776 (City Center Encores!), with Anne
  • March: Puffs (PIT), with wizards and witches
  • August: Waitress (Broadway), with NYMAAC
  • September: Holiday Inn (Broadway), with Lindsay, Marita, and Ana (I took Leslie's place)
  • October: The Unconventional Convention (Squeaky Bicycle Productions), NYMAAC and friends
  • November: The Color Purple (Broadway), with Louise and mom
  • November: Something Rotten (Broadway), with Louise
  • November: In Transit (Broadway), with Anne via lottery
  • December: Dear Evan Hansen (Broadway), with NYMAAC
  • December: The Femmys (PIT) with Max
11 musicals, 4 plays (including an evening of one-acts)
11 Broadway, 2 PIT, 1 City Center, 1 SBP
Spring Awakening and Fiddler I'd seen before (in one medium or another), She Loves Me I'd seen in its incarnation as the film You've Got Mail, and Waitress I'd seen in its previous film version. The rest were new to me, but I did get my hands on the film version of Noises Off as soon as I could after seeing the play. Everything was great, but honestly I haven't stopped talking about Puffs since I saw it.

  • February: NY Phil: Mozart, Respighi (Lincoln Center), with percussionistas
  • February: NY Phil: Kodály, Liszt, Dvorák, Ravel (Lincoln Center), with Courtney
  • March: Selected Shorts at Radio Love Fest (BAM), with Holly
  • March: Whoopi Goldberg (King's), with Mike (I took Randy's place)
  • April: Brian Nash & Nate Buccieri: Snuggling Pianos (54 Below), with Mike
  • July: Reich/Reverberations: Drumming (Lincoln Center), with percussionistas
  • July: Molly Pope in A Star Is Born (54 Below), with Brian and two Mikes
  • September: Steve Reich: Variations (Miller Theater), with percussionistas
  • November: NY Phil: Beethoven, Dvorák (Lincoln Center), with percussionistas
  • November: Dar Williams (Ridgefield Playhouse), with Sara
Slightly harder to compare these, but I think I'll give the year to July. Steve Reich's Drumming was transcendent, and Molly Pope is otherworldly.

  • 6 QUO concerts
  • 2 LGBAC symphonic band concerts
  • 5 parades with the LGBAC marching band
  • 5 stand (or sit)-and-plays with the LGBAC marching band
  • 2 services (Easter and Christmas Eve) at the Church of the Holy Apostles
  • 1 concert and 1 parade with the LGBA massed band in Palm Springs
Highlights of the year: playing Fanfare For Tambourines at QUOtets with Alvaro, Clint, Sean, George, and Brent, with Ian conducting; watching the young audience's enthralled reaction to "The Wild Woods" at QUO's children's concert; Kelly Watkins' last concert with the LGBAC and getting to rock out on the vibraphone in Danzón; a Pride Day full of fun with the LGBAC marching band, followed by a cocktail party at Brandon & Luke's, and then meeting up with our QUO friends at the Eagle; everything about the LGBA conference in Palm Springs.

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