Tuesday, January 3, 2017

TV consumed in 2016

I don't normally make a Big TV Post, mainly because it's embarrassing how much TV I watch, but embarrassing details about myself are some of my best blog fodder. This was actually prompted by a first date I went on recently in which the guy asked me what I'm currently watching. I answered honestly, which was "Madam Secretary," and he grimaced. I know Madam Secretary isn't the height of television art, but I like it, so whatever. I felt insecure in that moment, so I tried to balance that guilty pleasure with other more hip (?) shows, like "The Crown" and OITNB, but after that my memory failed me. I told him that as my homework (playing off the fact that he's a professor) I'd bring a list of my 2016 viewing to our next date. We did have a second date, but the subject didn't come up and I decided to let the topic die. Since I did go to the trouble of making the list, I present it to you now.

Series I started watching in 2016:
Making a Murderer (s1)
Chelsea Does (s1)
W1A (s1-2)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (s1)
The Shannara Chronicles (s1)
Star Trek: Enterprise (s1-4)
The Killing (e1-10)
The Crown (s1)
Madam Secretary (s1-2)
Orphan Black (s1-3)
The Man in the High Castle (s1)
The Magicians (e1-9)
Wolf Hall (s1)
The OA (s1)

In the above list we have 3 sci-fi, 3 period dramas, 2 documentaries, 2 comedies, 2 fantasy, 1 police drama, and 1 political drama. Michelle Forbes appears in two (Killing, Orphan), Claire Foy appears in two (Wolf, Crown), Rick Worthy appears in two (Castle, Magicians), and Jason Ralph appears in two (Magicians, Secretary). I enjoyed Crazy and the Crown the most. The OA is second to them only because the finale left me feeling a little nope. Everything on this list I either finished or intend to finish, so I didn't dislike any of them, but Shannara and Enterprise made me roll my eyes the most, with the Magicians not far behind.

Series I continued watching in 2016:
Call the Midwife (s5)
Mad Men (s7)
Nurse Jackie (s6-7)
The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (s2)
Grace & Frankie (s2 e1-2)
Orange is the New Black (s4)
The Fall (s3)
Gilmore Girls (reboot e1-4)
Downton Abbey (s6)
Transparent (s2)

3 period dramas, 3 other kinds of dramas, and 4 shows that cover a spectrum from comedy to dramedy. Kimmie Schmidt is far and away my favorite of these, although there were a bunch of impressive finales. I want to want Grace & Frankie more.

Series I tried watching in 2016:
X-Files Reboot (e1-3)
Twin Peaks (e1-2)
Characters (e1)
Love (e1)
Lady Dynamite (e1)
Chelsea (e1)
Bloodline (e1)
Marcella (e1-2)
Stranger Things (e1)

Nothing really to report on here. I do plan to watch Stranger Things, though. The only reason I stopped is Netflix was being testy.

Movies I watched via Netflix in 2016:
Do I Sound Gay?
The Big Short

Mostly non-fiction here, although some of it dramatized.

Movies I watched in theaters in 2016 (that I remember):
The Secret Life of Pets
Rogue One
Fantastic Newts and the Beasts Who Love Them

I'm glad I saw Carol to class up this list.

Movies I watched on planes in 2016:
How to Be Single

I watched these one right after the other, and I wish I'd done it the other way around. Zootopia was fantastic. How to Be Single was garbage. I wasn't expecting much from it (although I was charmed by the cast's appearance on "Watch What Happens: Live") and it still disappointed.

I'm way better at keeping track of the books I've read and want to read than I am at TV and movies. Maybe I'll be better at that in the new year, but probably not as we all know people don't change.

I'll probably do one more of these for live shows, and then go back to forgetting I have a blog for a few months.

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